Cannulas and Accessories

The Xelpov Surgical company offers a variety of liposuction cannulas and accessories. The Blugerman II cannula has raised holes on the top of the tube and features one suction port. The Grader Plus is a more advanced cannula that features a blunt tip and three ports. The Candy Cane is a lightweight cannula with ribbed ribs on the tip. The Toledo Dissector is a V-shaped dissector cannula that is designed for use with a single-port syringe.

liposuction cannulas

The Eurosurgical collection of liposuction cannulas is ideal for a wide variety of surgical procedures. They are available in reusable and single-use versions and range from two to six millimeters. The company’s 2020 Lipo-Modeling catalog also features a range of other liposuction cannula accessories. The cannulas and accessories are designed to provide a comfortable, safe and reliable liposuction experience for patients.

The Healermed Infiltration Cannula is designed to deliver tumescent solution safely through a single, thin cannula. The cannula’s spiral micro holes ensure that the local anesthetic is distributed evenly throughout the tissue, resulting in less pain. The General Suction Cannula is an excellent option for fat grafting and helps the surgeon achieve perfect goals in the least amount of time.

Liposuction Cannulas and Accessories

The Healermed Infiltration Cannula is made of stainless steel and is crafted to ensure maximum safety. The cannula’s spiral micro holes ensure that the local anesthetic is distributed throughout the body evenly, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient. Moreover, the Healermed Harvesting Cannula is ideal for collecting small consistent lobules for fat grafting. Its double-walled, reusable, and flexible design ensures the highest level of durability.

Whether you choose manual or electric liposuction, Eurosurgical cannulas and accessories can accommodate the varying needs of patients. A range of lengths, widths, and tips allows the surgeon to reach the precise goal in the least amount of time. Likewise, the syringes and tubes used for the procedure are safe and reusable. You can also find the necessary equipment for a liposuction at a discount price.

Inspired Surgical produces a variety of manual liposuction cannulas with handles. These cannulas are made from stainless steel and are preferred by many surgeons for their ability to contour during a liposuction procedure. These cannulas come in two types: The Two Hole Standard has two linear ports on one side, and the Three Hole Standard has three. The Blunt Open End is designed for siphoning fluids.

The injecting cannulas are often known as Microcannulas and have blunt tips. The tip of these tubes is used to inject cosmetic products and to provide venous access. Other specialty cannulas are used for chemotherapy and administering drugs. The overall purpose of these cannulas is to create the most effective results for patients with the least amount of complications.

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