Are there any unique flavors of beef jerky subscription you offer?

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Righteous Felon Jerky Sampler Pack

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Kippered Beef Steak

Kippered beef is similar to jerky, but it is usually more moist. In general, kippered beef is cut into larger strips than jerky and it is often smoked instead of being dehydrated like jerky.

Old Trapper is catering to America’s love of steak this season with its new line of jumbo kippered beef steak snacks. These two-ounce packages of savory meat are seasoned with the company’s signature blend of spices and brown sugar, then smoked with real wood. They are available individually or in a 12-pack box and make the perfect healthy on-the-go winter snack or stocking stuffer for the steak lover in your life.

Order your beef jerky subscription today and get your first shipment right away or choose a shipping date in the future. Then, every month you will receive more premium artisan jerky delivered to your door until you cancel or change your plan. When you checkout, you can even add a personalized gift note for free.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

A sweet and savory beef snack, this jerky is a great addition to your everyday diet. With its high protein content and delicious flavors, it can help you power through your day. Plus, it is a much healthier alternative to junk food like candy.

To make this jerky, you will need to start with a marinade. Mix soy sauce or gluten-free tamari, sugar, rice vinegar, and water. Add a teaspoon each of pureed ginger and garlic. Combine the ingredients and add them to a resealable plastic bag with the beef. Seal the bag and marinate for about six hours.

After the meat has been marinated, it should be sliced into strips. Use a sharp knife and cut with or against the grain for chewier and more tender jerky. Before drying, the jerky should be tested by bending it. If it is too moist or brittle, it needs more time to dry. You can also test it by squeezing a small amount of moisture out.

Hot Jerky

A hot and spicy jerky that packs a punch. This unique combination of spices will leave your taste buds sizzling and your mouth watering. This is one of the most popular jerky flavors from our local artisan jerky maker.

Sweet & Spicy

The sweet and spicy jerky flavor is one of the most popular options in our subscription jerky club. This delicious combination of savory beef jerky and chile peppers offers a taste that can range from a subtle kiss of sweetness to a full-on candied experience.

Give this gift to your favorite jerky lover or treat yourself. Choose a plan to suit your lifestyle and start receiving shipments in the mail. You can even swap out flavors in-between deliveries to create the ultimate jerky experience for you or your gift recipient. And, remember to include a personalized gift note for free! This is the best way to make sure your gift carries on giving long after their first bite of world-famous jerky.