Things to Do in Peru

What to do in Peru isn’t hard to find – this dazzling South American country is brimming with ancient wonders and natural splendour. Whether it’s exploring the enigmatic city of Machu Picchu, or trekking to the sacred Choquequirao ruins, Peru has an adventure waiting around every corner. And with a plethora of cultural experiences, scrumptious cuisine and breathtaking scenery, this thriving nation is sure to delight all visitors.

One of the most important aspects of visiting a new country is immersing yourself in its rich culture and heritage. This is especially true in a country like Peru, which has been home to numerous civilisations over the centuries. The best way to learn about these mighty eras is by visiting the many museums in Peru, which showcase their artefacts in an impressive fashion.

Among the most notable of these is the Larco Museum, which features an impressive collection of ancient stones and carvings. If you’re interested in the history of Peru, this is a must-visit museum in Lima.

There are also many museums dedicated to the history of different cultures What to do in Peru. The Museo de Arte Precolombino in Lima is a great place to get your bearings with Peruvian history, with a range of exhibitions from different regions and time periods.

If you’re interested in the history of the Incas, there are a number of museums worth visiting in Cusco and its surrounding areas. The Inca Temples Museum, located in the heart of the historic citadel of Cusco, is a great place to learn about the fascinating civilization that once ruled this region.

What to Do in Peru

Another must-visit is the Sacred Valley Museum, which has a plethora of exhibits on display that showcase the various religious and secular practices of the indigenous population in this important region of Peru. It is also home to a large library of texts and artefacts that are important to the local communities in this region.

Peruvians take great pride in their textile weaving, and have spent thousands of years perfecting the craft. So, if you’re looking for a fun and unique activity to do while in Peru, try your hand at this traditional art form. Sandboarding is one of the coolest activities in Peru, as it allows you to shred some epic sand dunes. The best sandboarding spots in Peru are found in Huacachina, where you can load up a dune buggy and tear across the sands.

If you want to truly unwind, there are a number of tranquil spots in Peru to relax and recharge. Whether you stay at a farm that doubles as an eco-lodge, or visit a yoga retreat in the mountains, you can refresh your mind with mountain air and amazing views. If you’re looking for some extra peace and quiet, consider staying at an eco-lodge such as Kinsapacha or Urubamba.

The Peruvian Amazon is the most biodiverse area in the world, and is bursting with wildlife. There are a number of national parks that are ripe for exploration, such as Manu National Park, which is home to hundreds of mammal and bird species, or Tambopata, where you can see giant otters and alligators.