What is a certified breathwork

Breathwork is a form of therapy that utilizes breathing exercises to promote self-healing, physical wellness and spiritual awakening. It draws from Eastern practices like yoga and Tai Chi as well as Western psychotherapy techniques. It is a holistic healing modality that can incorporate talk therapy, breathwork, art, music and bodywork. It can be used by individuals, couples and groups. It can be facilitated by a trained professional or self-guided using self-directed practices. The best way to learn about breathwork is through a training program offered by a certified professional.

A Breathwork Certification Online is a great option for those looking to become a breathwork facilitator and offer this transformative experience to others. There are a variety of courses to choose from that vary in length and focus. When choosing a course, be sure to consider your learning style and the community support offered by the program. A more intensive course may be better suited for those who have previous experience with breathwork.

The 10 week breathwork certification online from Alchemy offers an in-depth, practical and experiential learning adventure that is perfect for those interested in teaching this healing ancient practice to others. This course equips you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to hold space for people moving through challenging emotions in a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment.

What is a certified breathwork practitioner?

This course is a comprehensive trauma-informed breathwork teacher training that will teach you everything you need to know about facilitating breathwork sessions. The program is online and combines lectures, live demonstrations and guided practice sessions. It also includes guest speakers and mentoring sessions between classes. This trauma-informed breathwork training is a great choice for therapists, social workers, integrative health practitioners, yoga teachers and massage therapists.

Founded in 1994, NeuroDynamic is an award-winning holistic therapy school offering a range of training programs in the fields of shamanic healing, breathwork, massage, and bodywork. Their trauma-informed breathwork certification is one of the most advanced in the world, providing students with an experiential and hands-on training experience that will enable them to provide deep and transformative work to their clients.

In this highly regarded breathwork training course, you’ll be taught the foundational principles of breathwork and bodywork to support your client in healing their physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. You will learn how to create an environment of safety and trust, as well as how to identify and release old patterns of holding energy. You will be taught how to integrate this work with other body-based modalities such as shamanic journeying, Reiki, Somatic Awareness and Conscious Leadership.

The GPBA directory is comprised of breathwork trainings that have been verified as meeting the GPBA’s standards of professional excellence in breathwork training and ethics. The GPBA directory will only list Breathwork Trainings that meet these requirements, and we encourage you to review the full description of each training to make sure it is a good fit for your needs. For questions or concerns, please contact the training provider directly.