Artillery? Genius 2 Pro 3D Printer for 3D Printers

EVNOVO’s Genius Pro is an impressive 3D printer at under $340. It comes almost completely assembled and has profiles already integrated into Cura and PrusaSlice.

The titanium-style direct drive extruder and Vulcano hot end produce strong prints with flexible materials. Similarly, the tempered glass bed heats up rapidly and stays stable during printing. Temperature protection shutdowns for the hot end and print bed work well too.


Artillery’s Genius 2 Pro convinces with its many smart features and a good print quality. For example, the 3D printer can resume the printing process after a power failure or even when the filament is empty. The low-noise system and the ultra-quiet stepper driver ensure that there are hardly any unpleasant noises during printing.


Another interesting feature is the automatic mesh bed leveling. This saves the user a lot of work and also prevents errors. The BLTouch probe can be installed as an upgrade, so that bed leveling is easier and less time-consuming. Another advantage of the Genius 2 Pro is that it operates with mains voltage, which not only heats up the print bed faster but also makes the 3D printer more energy-efficient.


Genius Pro is a 3D printer that comes with a number of useful features. These include filament runout detection, power loss recovery, and a low-noise system.

EVNOVO also opted for a direct-drive Titan extruder that ensures optimal retraction and responsiveness. The hotend can heat up to 240 degC, allowing it to print with ABS-type filaments.

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The 3D printer’s internals look tidy thanks to flat ribbon cables and crimped cable lugs that offer touch protection. It’s also easy to install upgrades like a BLTouch probe for assisted bed leveling. The tempered glass printing surface improves layer bonding and expands the range of printable materials. This allows the machine to minimize warping-related errors and shortens calibration time. Moreover, the heating speed is impressive. It can reach 110 °C in just over 135 seconds.


The printer works with many different filaments including wood, PETG, PETT, Nylon, metal, and flexible TPU plastics. This allows it to be used for a wide range of applications.

Artillery commands rely on fire control to coordinate the actions of all the guns and provide accurate fire support for combined arms attacks. These include “targeting” and the allocation of firing units to particular targets.

Artillery® Genius 2 Pro 3D Printer

The printer is quick to set up and easy for beginners to use. The tempered glass printing surface provides good thermal transmission and reduces the heat loss during the print process. Its titanium-style direct extruder and Volcano hot end perform well in our tests. This results in strong filament traction and high printing speeds. The printer also has a spool holder that holds a large amount of filament.


With its Genius Pro, EVNOVO has produced an FDM 3D printer that is characterized by sophisticated features. Among other things, the machine resumes printing without any issues after power outages and triggers an alarm if the filament runs out.

The smart levelling of the print bed makes manual levelling unnecessary and reduces the print failure rate significantly. The tempered glass printing surface also improves the adhesion of the material and facilitates the removal of the finished print.

A further highlight is the 32-bit main board that ensures high stability and powerful computing power. Moreover, it offers protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, excessive temperature and short circuits. All cables that carry mains voltage are securely secured with crimped cable lugs. This prevents any errors due to broken connections and also helps minimize energy consumption.


The Genius Pro combines design aesthetics and technology to create a sleek appearance. It features an integrated cable design, stable performance, and convenient maintenance. It also has a Titan extruder with a volcano nozzle that provides fast melting and smooth filament extrusion for high-precision printing.

The printer uses a 32-bit motherboard with support for multiple expansions. Its fan is controlled by the motherboard, which makes it quiet when not printing. It also supports Marlin, Klipper, and other firmware.

The Genius 2 Pro is a good competitor to the CR-10 and CR-10S Pro. It has several improvements over the standard CR-10 and is priced less than its competitors. It has a touch-screen and many safety features, including a filament runout sensor and power loss recovery mode. The Genius also has an AC heated bed and a synchronized dual Z motor.

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