We all love our four-legged family members, but the person looking to buy their home may not. This can be a very touchy subject if you are a pet lover and are trying to sell your home. Here are some tips on how to sell your home if you have pets at home.

Someone could lose the sale of their home if they have a pet at home. So what should you do with your pets if your home is for sale?

The central theme to which you must return is that people look for reasons to not buy a particular home because there is so much to choose from. When people have so much to choose from, they look for reasons to eliminate them.

When showing properties, I have experienced times where the buyer did not even go within 10 feet of the house because they could notice that there were pets there and they were allergic. Buyers will leave immediately and will not give the house a chance to sell.

Why Home Buyers Don’t Like Our Pets

There is nervousness and fear because your pets are not your pets. A buyer does not know that their great standard poodle is just a big baby. And also, they do not want to know anything about your pet because they are afraid.

What is solution n. 1 to deal with your pets if your home is on the market?

Solution n. # 1 is to get rid of the pet. Not long ago, while I was showing a house to a young family, a girl came into the studio and said, “What is this behind the blanket?” When the blanket was removed, there was a large snake there. They all ran to the front door! It’s so creepy to think about it.

It is best to get rid of pets. They can be your pride and joy, but get them out of the house if you can; relocate them.

If you decide to keep your pets at home while your home is for sale, what are some things you can do to overcome the negatives associated with owning a pet?

Get rid of all the “telltale” signs. Get rid of the smell; professionally clean your carpets, get rid of toys and dog food bowls and all that sort of stuff. Keep cat litter boxes and dog pads out of sight and spotlessly clean. Just walk away because you don’t want to give the buyer any reason not to choose your home.

If you can’t get your pets out of the house during a visit, what should you do with them?

It’s a tough decision, but it’s best to put them in the laundry room or garage. This can be a bit tricky in some weather conditions, but keep it away from the buyer’s first impression. When a buyer walks through the front door, they don’t want a dog to bark at them, or to be greeted by that smell upon entering. You have to make that house as user-friendly as possible for everyone.

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