Bow Flex has created an extensive line of home exercise equipment. They have full home gyms; treadmill stair climbers and even free weights. All of these have a place in a good exercise routine in general; however, some are better than others for the baseball player.


To play baseball well you will need strong legs, back and arms. You’ll also need a fair amount of stamina to go with the strength you develop. Each part will need to be worked properly to give you full performance.


In baseball, no matter what position you play, you need a strong arm to throw, however, if you’re going to throw, this is even more true. There are two ways to get the muscle tone you’ll need for throwing, free weights, and the different exercises available with the home gym.

o Triceps push down
o Seated Bicep Curl
o Seated wrist extensions
or Preacher Curl
or many more

These and other exercises available with the Bow Flex home gym will help you increase your strength and flexibility.


Your back is a very important part of your core and as such should not be ignored during strength and flexibility training. A Bow Flex home gym can also help you strengthen this area of ​​the body.

o Lying side pulls
o Lower back extensions
o Lying shoulder lift
o Wide straps

All of these are great exercises to strengthen your back and prepare you for the rigors of baseball.


One of the most important parts of a baseball player’s body is their legacy. They need to be strong and flexible. This means that along with regular training, you’ll also want to stretch. Everyone, from pitcher to catcher, uses their legs a lot. Bow Flex Home Gym Exercises:

or leg extensions
or squats
or lunge
o Aversion to legs
o Seated hip extensions
leg press
o Ankle eversion
o Ankle inversion

These and others are good exercises for building muscle strength and flexibility. However, it’s important that you don’t focus on building massive muscles, as a ballplayer, you’ll want lean, athletic legs, not a bodybuilder’s.


Finally, to play baseball you need to be able to run in the blink of an eye, or bat, as the case may be. You can run a little or a lot in a game, the point is you never know, so you’ll need to engage in some good cardio training to be prepared. Ballplayers will tell you that most practices you’ll spend half your time running. Make sure your workouts on the Bow Flex get your heart rate up and give you a cardio workout.


As with any program, all the exercise in the world won’t help much if you don’t eat right and get enough rest, you’re fighting a losing battle. A Bow Flex can help you get in good shape to play baseball if you use it often and correctly.

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