Offers of up to $ 7000 per month plus accommodation, in a society with a rich cultural heritage, excellent nightlife and a high level of threat of kidnapping and assassination attempts. These are factors that explain why CPOs are now increasingly seeking fortune in Mexico.

The escort industry in Mexico is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, this is due not only to the increased threat of kidnappings, which are among the highest in the world with an estimated more than 3,000 kidnappings per year. But today; Mexico’s elite is also threatened by the number of murders, which is increasing much more rapidly.

Consequently, there were an estimated 1,300 murders carried out in Mexico in 2004, approximately 1,800 murders in 2005, and so far the first nine months of 2006 have already passed the 1,700 mark.

Who and why
The usual victims have been found among drug traffickers and policemen involved in one way or another in drug trafficking, but today businessmen who have not been willing to “help” drug cartels are also increasingly under attack.

Drug cartels are now increasingly seeking the cooperation of major Mexican corporations in importing, storing, packing, and transporting drugs to US markets; simply because many of the companies already have extensive and efficient export and transportation systems in place.

However, it is not just prominent entrepreneurs who really need private protection; Since among the murder victims are 16 state and federal police commanders, two judges handling drug cases, and two federal prosecutors, all were murdered in 2006. Combine that with the eight local police chiefs who were killed in the state of Michigan; and one begins to realize the need for professional and hard-to-intimidate private CPOs.

The Mexican CPO’s.
In Mexico, there are currently very few professionally trained CPOs, as the vast majority of Mexican CPOs have traditionally been recruited from former military and former local police, without any request for prior CPO training or experience.

However, since organized crime is constantly growing; The rich, famous and powerful of Mexico have found that their local CPOs are neither skilled enough nor fierce enough to resist threats from the increasingly brutal drug cartels. I don’t blame them … as the drug cartels have no qualms about raping, torturing and murdering the family of any CPO who dares to resist them.

News this year has portrayed stories of kidnappings and murders, often carried out with the direct or indirect help of the victims’ own CPO teams. The threat is greatest along traditional drug routes through Mexico; being the worst states Quintana Roo, Michigan, Guerrero, Tamaulipas and Baja California Norte.

Among the most dangerous cities are Mexico City, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo, but this year even the tourist city of Acapulco has been affected.

One of the main protagonists of the war on drugs is the “Gulf Cartel”, which has its own “cadre of elite assassins” known as the “Zetas”, a cadre made up of former members of the military Special Forces who are they have become rogues.

As the threat level increases in Mexico and Mexican CPOs are too exposed to threats from organized crime groups; aimed not only at CPOs themselves, but also at their family and friends. Wealthy entrepreneurs are discovering that to ensure their own safety, they can no longer rely solely on numbers, but will increasingly rely on the protection of well-trained professional CPOs, who are not easy to intimidate, or who have an exposed family life. in Mexico.

The WFB Mexico.
The Director of WFB Mexico, through various meetings and consultations with influential businessmen, found that they are changing their views and are now increasingly looking to Western CPOs to act as their TLs or 2ICs in their protection teams. Therefore, monthly salaries ranging from US $ 4,000 to US $ 7,000 plus accommodation are offered, which are definitely good pay compared to most of the world, although not quite at the level of Iraq. But the threat of roadside bombs and suicide attacks are not there either!

WFB Mexico has often been requested by prominent businessmen to conduct CPO courses in states such as Puebla, Michigan, and San Luis Potosí. This is in order to train wealthy business CP team leaders, as well as selected police officers. Such training includes handgun and AR-15 firearms training; as well as the tactical training of the PSD, SOP and the counterattack team to counter assassination and kidnapping attempts.

Although these courses are usually pre-ordered by prominent entrepreneurs, there are usually also some open spaces for private CPOs who wish to complete their CPO training in Mexico and then work in Mexico or one of the Central or South countries. American countries.

Due to the low price of food and accommodation in Mexico, these courses can be offered at a very favorable price. Therefore, the course price for a 14-day high-risk personal protection course is only US $ 3400 and includes all expenses for accommodation, meals, weapons and ammunition, etc.

Even if this is a low price by Western standards, it is still four times what a wealthy businessman would be willing to pay for his bodyguard training. Therefore, Fez businessmen who are willing to spend on their bodyguard training will clearly be at an advantage and more likely to escape an assassination or kidnapping attempt.

Open connections in Mexico between prominent businessmen and local police departments allow these courses to be conducted in full partnership with police academies. Therefore, WFB Mexico can proudly state that it is one of the few private training organizations with direct access to official police academies.

This is of great importance for the private students who will be trained together with the members of the police CPO teams and the team leaders of the corporate CPO teams; This affects a greater learning process for all parties. During the courses in Mexico, the WFB organizes a course ceremony, which takes place at the local Police Academy and is attended by politicians, high-ranking police officers, and various VIPs from the Mexican business sector. This offers CP students an excellent opportunity to network and make contact, hand out business cards, and search for employment contracts directly.

Among the high-ranking businessmen who attended the CP course ceremony were members of some of the wealthiest families in Mexico, many of whom employ large RST and CPO teams, similar in size to the teams of which We have all heard of the London circuit from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Dignitaries from the Gulf States. A Mexican family, on whose team I was part of the teaching in 2002, had an RST and CPO team consisting of 60 security officers and bodyguard – that’s bigger than most European presidential teams!

Do you want to know more?
With a variety of CP, Tactics and Firearms courses available, WFB Mexico offers a great opportunity to train in a “Central American” country, where the threat of organized crime and kidnapping increases every year.

Those readers interested in obtaining more information on how to work in Mexico, should contact the author for professional training advice or contact WFB Mexico through the website and read my previous article “Bodyguard Training in Mexico”.

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