One of the benefits of growing up in the ’80s was hearing legendary bands like Journey on their rise to the top.

I have to say I was really inspired last night watching Oprah from all the shows. All I have to say is WOW!

Here I am going to reveal to you a story of struggle and victory.

Lowest point

Coming from a family of four brothers and a sick mother who passed away during his youth, Arnel was separated from his family that was dispersed to different relatives after his mother’s death. Hospital and funeral bills bankrupted the family and they were forced to fend for themselves. Arnel defended himself from hunger with odd jobs, sharing what little he had with his brothers. He was destined to do something and kept moving towards his dream of becoming a great singer.

The great opportunity for Arnel Pineda

Arnel had the gift of singing and assumed the role of official musicians on the stages of Olongapo, Makati, Singapore and Hong Kong. This lifted him out of poverty, allowed him to rent a warehouse where his brother moved in with him. While it was still a long way from Hollywood, it was a step up from living on the streets.

Personal challenges

After parting ways with his traveling band, he had a son at the age of 20, but did not marry until later. He had 2 failed relationships during that time. Although disappointing, Arnel continued to compile numerous original materials. It began to cover great artists like James Brown, Robert Plant, and Journey. Foreigners liked his new talent.

It turns out that through the magic of the internet, a fan just uploaded their live video performances to YouTube and the post came at the right time. A legendary rock band was looking for a singer and spent two days searching YouTube for their future talent.

Journey guitarist Neal Schon came across Arnel Pineda’s rendition of Journey Hit on YouTube and “POOF”, the story was in the making. After exchanging numerous emails with Arnel, they flew him to San Francisco and the rest is history.

The “NEW” trip

Arnel Pineda is now touring the world with legendary rock band Journey and his dreams have come true. After watching his performance on the Oprah Show, I was touched, inspired, and moved by this man’s strange willingness to do whatever it takes to get out of the situation he was in and follow the God-given destiny of life. greatness.

I hope this inspires you to never give up, always overcome the obstacles in your life that you run into and reach the top of your game. For Arnel, this is just the beginning. His new album with Journey went platinum within three months of its release, he was able to provide a home for his family and his financial troubles are gone, FOREVER!

Are you going to turn your excuses into reasons? Do not stop believing …

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