Flatbed trucks are a practical option for transporting large, bulky goods that need the open space of a truck trailer or must be lifted with a forklift or crane. Some of the common items to transport include plumbing supplies, machinery, aircraft wings, lumber, and automobiles. Here are some pros and cons related to platform transport:

Ease of loading

The open nature of the flatbed trailer is appreciated by the complete ease of loading. The enclosed trailer has a confined space and this can make loading large items such as a prefab roof very difficult. However, the platform has the ability to give complete freedom in what can be loaded and will accept the largest pieces of plumbing or lumber supplies. Also, upon arrival at the intended destination, the download process is much easier and is completed in a relatively short time.

Variety of materials

The flatbed trailer is a useful option if you plan to transport a large volume of different materials in one trip. This makes it possible to easily move materials for interior work, lumber for basic framing, and other essential supplies for a home project. A huge benefit of this is the ability to reduce shipping costs for faster project completion and a higher profit margin.

No loading dock

While dry vans are the most popular option for transporting goods of all kinds, they do have certain limitations. A major issue with these types of vans is the need for easy access to a loading dock to quickly load and unload their contents.

However, the flatbed trailer does not have this type of restriction. It has the ability to deliver cargo to virtually any location. This may include a residential neighborhood or a large construction site. The increased flexibility of use makes them more attractive to lumber contractors and shippers.

Are there any negatives?

In addition to the positive aspects of using the flatbed trailer, there are also some negative aspects that are worth mentioning. A trucker driving a conventional trailer only has to worry about damage to goods in the event of a dropped load. But, with the open nature of the platform, there is the potential to cause significant damage not only to cargo, but also to those nearby if something is dropped. For this reason, it is essential that the truck driver be a skilled, organized and detail-oriented person.

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