“Before arriving in the UK, will need the special principal thing is to find a safe and comfortable accommodation settle down. So in student accommodation in Edinburgh should pay attention to what issues? Here to say with you good in a foreign land.

(1) the contract details lease contracts are usually longer, the term is more, but this is the only thing you can be the basis of a reasonable with landlord, so be sure to read the contract carefully, see if any loophole.

(2) the first check in on the list of property, the landlord must provide you with detailed list of the property, to ensure that the list contains all the furniture, equipment, and to indicate their status. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can directly to the landlord. In addition, remember to take pictures and to send the attachment to the landlord.

(3) the deposit before check-in, usually need to pay the deposit. Make sure the landlord will your deposit in a safe place and to provide the relevant proof of you, it is required by law. If the end of the contract, the landlord to deduct the unreasonable deposit, you have the right to question.

(4) the agency fee rental housing agency costs vary a lot, the law is not the same. In England and wales, the agent must tell you, and in Northern Ireland, they don’t have to. In Scotland, the agent fee is illegal. Therefore, in the student apartment rent to find out first.

(5) the valuables insurance remember for your valuables, such as: cell phones, laptops, cameras to buy insurance, such as the landlord usually won’t buy you.

6. The landlord credit some owners may defraud students money. The local authority or the students’ union will usually help students about sign the rent. Before the rent, to look up information on the net, make sure your landlord is my word.

What issues should be paid attention to when renting student apartments in Edinburgh?

All landowners privacy if the landlord to see out, students must be at least 24 hours in advance notice to rent apartment. If there is no advance notice, you have the right to refuse them to enter.

End of the house energy usage before signing a contract, the landlord must tell you the energy use of the house. This is very important, because effective energy utilization will save a lot of cost for you.

Pet-name ruby rented the rights of students after sign the contract, without the court allowed and a series of procedures, the landlord has no right to evict you. Similarly, if you will be fixed contract, the landlord has no right to raise the rent.

Attending the tenant union local will usually have a group of tenants or union, provide advice support for tenants, etc. Make sure you join these groups. The more the group, the greater the benefit.

If you have any questions about Edinburgh student accommodation, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

Edinburgh student accommodation should pay attention to what issues?”

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