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An outdated door can make a home look drab and reduce energy efficiency. Upgrading it to a more stylish new model will add to the overall curb appeal of a property. It will also increase security against break-ins and help prevent unwanted noise. A front door replacement involves a number of different components, and the total cost will vary from one project to another.

In order to determine the price range for a front door, homeowners must first decide what kind of doors they want to install. They can choose from uPVC, aluminium and wood doors in a variety of styles. The choice of the type of material will impact the overall cost, as some options are more expensive than others. For instance, a steel door is a good choice because it offers excellent strength and insulation, and can withstand physical damage. Its drawbacks include the fact that it doesn’t look as appealing as wood or uPVC, and that it can rust if it isn’t painted regularly.

The costs of installing a front door replacement can also be influenced by the size and design of the entryway and any accessories that may be added. For example, a door can be made into a sliding version or it can be fitted with an automated system for opening and closing it when needed. A front door with glass panels can be more expensive than a single-pane door, as it requires a larger frame.

How Much Is a Front Door Replacement?

Homeowners can choose from a wide array of door hardware, including hinges, latches and locks. A deadbolt is a good addition to any front door because it can resist the pressure of a determined thief and will keep a burglar from simply turning on a credit card lock to open the door. Other options include a storm door, which can protect the entrance from inclement weather.

A garage side door is another important feature that can be upgraded to improve the security of a property. They are usually located in less-visible areas and are prone to being smashed with a vehicle, so it’s important to have the best locking mechanisms installed. Adding a deadbolt to a garage door will increase its security dramatically.

Regardless of what style of door is chosen, it’s important to budget for the installation process as well. The most affordable option is to use the existing frame and simply install a new door into it. This can save on the cost of a new frame and will be more time efficient than tearing down an old door and framing it from scratch.

However, if the door is being installed in an entirely new location, then homeowners will need to factor in extra costs for drywall, brick and any necessary wall alterations. This is likely to involve the services of professionals beyond a door contractor, and can increase the total project cost by $50 to $100 per hour.

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