Electronic Components Work

An electronic component is an electrical device that alters electrons for a specific purpose. These devices are packaged together into a circuit to fulfill a function such as a radio receiver, amplifier or oscillator. They come in many forms, ranging from individually packaged components to complex groups called integrated circuits.

Generally, they are made of two types: passive or active. Passive components can only receive energy from the other parts of the circuit and dissipate, resist or absorb it; they cannot increase voltage or current like active components can. The most common examples of passive components include resistors, capacitors and inductors.

A voltage source is a two-terminal device that supplies energy to the circuit by providing potential difference, or voltage, between its terminals. It is often a battery or generator. A conductor is the path that delivers or consumes energy. A light bulb, for example, is a load that consumes energy and requires a voltage source to illuminate it.

How Electronic Components Work

In electronic circuits, a voltage source supplies the electrical energy to a load. The load may be a simple electrical light bulb, such as an incandescent or LED lamp, or it can be a more complicated electronic device such as a laptop computer.

There are also a number of other Electronic Components that perform essential tasks in the circuits of modern devices. One important type of electronic component is the transistor, which is used for amplifying and switching signals in an electronics circuit. Another is the diode, which can be thought of as a relay without moving parts that can be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ by applying a voltage to its terminals. An integrated circuit is a special device that contains an entire electronic circuit, with transistors, diodes and other elements photographically etched on a piece of silicon.

Another kind of electronic component is the transducer, which converts a physical input into an electrical signal. An electromechanical transducer, such as a solenoid, can be turned on and off by applying an electric field to its metal core. A mechanical transducer, such as a spring or bellows, can be used to change its shape and thereby generate a different output.

The other major class of electronic components is the passive ones. These are able to either resist or pass through current. A resistor acts as a hinderance to current by obstructing its flow and blocking the path of electricity, and it is rated based on its ability to handle the amount of power that passes through it before it starts to break down or overheat.

Other passive electronic components include inductors and capacitors, which can store electrical energy in the form of an electric or magnetic field. When a capacitor is switched on, it begins to charge up to its peak value. When the switch is off, it will discharge its stored energy to the rest of the circuit. Inductors are similar, but they store energy in the form of a magnetic field.

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