Americans have been told to diligently monitor their cholesterol levels, and if it exceeds specific thresholds—200 for total cholesterol and 130 for LDL—they should take steps to bring it down to acceptable levels. This is important if we want to avoid heart disease. The result is that about a quarter of all Americans age 45 and older are taking a statin, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. While these drugs do improve lipid profiles, they are expensive and can cause side effects. Another option is to start an exercise program. Not only can you lower your cholesterol levels, but you’ll also enjoy other benefits of an active lifestyle, such as better energy, a better mood, and a stronger immune system.

Exercise can improve the lipid profile by lowering LDL and increasing HDL. This is done in several ways. One of the most obvious ways is by allowing you to maintain a healthy weight, which is associated with lower LDL levels.

Researchers also believe that there are 2 other ways that exercise can lower LDL. The first way is that exercise increases the size of the proteins that carry cholesterol through the blood. Smaller, denser particles are considered more dangerous because they can penetrate the lining of the heart and blood vessels and cause damage, so keeping these larger particles in reduces the risk of heart disease.

The second way is that exercise stimulates enzymes that help remove LDL from the blood and blood vessel walls and moves it to the liver for excretion. This is important because the body needs cholesterol for healthy function, but it needs a way to get rid of the cholesterol when it’s done. This process is a way of maintaining balance.

Exercise can also raise HDL levels. Most studies have shown that aerobic exercise can increase HDLL by 3-6%.

So what kind of exercise is most effective for cholesterol levels? Research has shown that intense exercise is effective in improving levels, while less intense exercise is effective in maintaining levels. An elliptical trainer is a versatile exercise machine that will allow you to design an exercise routine that achieves any of these goals. If you’re a couch potato and want to get in shape, you can start with our slow workout, then use the elliptical’s features like resistance, incline, and steps per minute to gradually increase the intensity as you improve. your physical condition. The lower rate of perceived exertion, which means your body is working harder than you feel, makes it easier to maintain intense exercise levels. Since an elliptical workout is low-impact, you can enjoy the benefits of the exercise even if you have joint problems. And preset programs let you vary your workouts, which will help prevent burnout.

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is important if you want to live a long and active life. A regular exercise program on a new or used elliptical can give you a healthy lipid profile without the use of expensive medications that can cause side effects.

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