We take care of many things while developing a new website, but rarely do we worry about the disciplines of domain names. Domain names often act like a monster when it comes to creating influence on click-through rate, write traffic, branding, building trust, oral advertising, offline advertising, and gaining more attention. in the SERPs.

So from all aspects, we need to make sure that the domain name sends the right signals to get the most value. These are the most credible points that will help you create the correct domain name.

1. Choose the correct extension – While the most popular extension is.com, that does not mean that one should quickly opt for it without recognizing the following factors:

  • The purpose of the website: If it’s a business-oriented site, a.com or.biz might be worth it. But on the contrary, if it is intended for the organization, then.org is the most viable option. Accordingly, choose a TLD that is closely related to your domain.
  • Orientation to a local area: If the domain is targeting the local geographic area, consider SEO first. There are about 200 different country code TLDs, please choose the one that matches the country code of the users website.

But if the goal is global in order to rank higher in search engines, than.com is the most preferable option. Other than that, here are some main extensions that can be used based on their usage:

  • .co: abbreviation for company, trade and community.

  • .org: non-commercial and non-profit organizations.

  • .net: Internet infrastructure technical sites.

  • .biz – Commercial or business use, such as e-commerce sites.

  • .info: informational sites.

  • .me: blogs, summaries or personal sites.

2. Be brief and intuitive – Choose a domain name that is simple, short, and easily identifiable with your brand. It should be easy to pronounce and clearly informative and imply what your business is about.

3. Use a broad keyword – In 2019, it is strictly NOT to use keyword rich words in the domain name as Google is moving away from exact and partial match domains. For example, don’t go for website development (dot) com or iosdevelopers (dot) com instead choose a brand that covers your work. Think of it as webnerds (dot) com, appgeeks (dot) com. More condensed can be inventing your own unique brand like amazon (dot) com, Codiant (dot) com, etc.

4. Avoid numbers and hyphens: Don’t fool your audience with spelling confusion. People who hear a number in your domain name can type it numerically or in characters. Still, if you want to include a number, you can buy both variations (numeric and character) and redirect them to the correct one.

5. Beware of trademarks – Research your domain name before finalizing it. You must not infringe on any of your competitors’ trademarks. Otherwise, you may succumb to legal action, in the worst case.

6. Don’t be late – Fortunately, if you get the desirable domain name available, act fast and register as soon as possible as the domain name sells quickly.

I hope this article develops an effective strategy for choosing a winning domain name. If you are still stumped and running out of ideas for choosing one, you can also seek the help of the website development company that you have hired for your dream project. The digital marketing team of software companies has a lot of experience to help you in this.

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