CPA (cost per action) marketing is an internet marketing income opportunity that is very similar to affiliate marketing. The difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is the fact that CPA networks pay you every time a user clicks on your link and performs an action, such as filling in their email address, registering on the site. destination or download and install an application on your phone. .

The actions required to benefit from CPA programs depend on the specific program, but unlike affiliate marketing, CPA programs do not require an actual purchase. This means that it is much easier to benefit from CPA programs, since users only need to take a certain action and then they get paid. With affiliate marketing, the user must complete a purchase and pay for a product / service before they get paid.

This is just one of the advantages that CPA marketing has over affiliate marketing. It is also easier to convert users with CPA programs, as the programs are generally related to global interests, such as “Win the new iPhone 6s” or “Win a $ 100 Amazon gift card.” There are also many different download CPA offers available on different networks – with these programs, your audience needs to download an app or game to their phone for free, and then you get paid for each install you refer.
These are all offers that target a much more generic audience than a specific internet marketing or weight loss product that you would promote through affiliate marketing.
Now let’s take a look at my top five strategies for driving traffic and conversions to your CPA bids.

# 1 – Use a compression page

The most important part of being successful in the CPA marketing industry is making use of a compression page. By using a compression page, you increase your chances of conversion, while creating a list of ready-to-act subscribers at the same time.

A compression page is a simple “landing page” where visitors will land before being directed to the CPA offer. Your compression page should contain relevant information related to the CPA offer you are promoting; please ask users to enter their email address in their email subscription form to continue. Once they add their email to their email subscription form, redirect them to the CPA offer. You can also have your answering machine send them an additional email with a link to the CPA offer in case the redirect doesn’t work in their browser or they closed it too early.

# 2 – Use social media

Social media is a very important part of CPA marketing. Millions of users turn to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other social networks every day for the latest news, see their friends, search for coupons and deals, and much more.

This means that it is the perfect place to link to your compressed pages / CPA offers. By promoting your CPA offers on social media, you are taking advantage of millions and millions of traffic, and if you do a good job, you can drive a lot of traffic back to your links.

The strategy to use here is to first join some groups related to the niche that your CPA offering is targeting. If you are promoting a trial offer for a new diet pill, you should join the health and weight loss related groups / communities on social media.

Once you’ve joined a couple of groups, start sharing helpful content with the group. Your content should provide something of value – don’t just drop links! After a couple of posts, group members will start to recognize your name and you will have more authority in these groups.

Now is the time to link to your CPA offer – add a good description and tell the group why they should click your link. Also add a creative image related to the niche you are targeting.

When dropping a link in these groups, be sure to add the link as close to the top as possible without starting the post with the link. Start with a title, drop the link, and then add a description. The reason for this: When you create a long post on most social networks (except Twitter, where your tweets are limited), the post will be “shortened” with a “…” link that will expand the post. You want your link to appear above the text that is cut off so that people can click the link even if they don’t expand the post.

# 3 – Use document sharing sites

Document sharing sites allow you to share PDF documents with others: they post your documents on your site, and anyone browsing your site can view and read your documents.

This is another great way to drive traffic back to your CPA offers! By simply sharing a couple of documents related to the CPA offer you are promoting, you can drive hundreds or thousands of visitors to your link, giving you more conversions and more earnings.

You might be wondering what documents you can share here … it’s actually quite simple. Do a little research on different topics in the niche your CPA offering is targeting. Try to find a few different topics that you can target. Then create a new, simple document in your word processor and start writing on the specific topic. If you are using a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can also choose one of the templates that comes with the software to create a nice layout for your document. I usually go with the “Reports” templates.

Add useful information in your document; anything over 5 pages would suffice. The more useful and related the information you share to the CPA offer you are promoting, the better your chances of getting more conversions on your clicks. Make sure to add a couple of links to your CPA offer in the document!

Share your documents on as many document sharing sites as you can. Make sure to add unique descriptions for your document on each site, and also include a link to your CPA offer in each description.

# 4 – Use Instagram

Instagram is a social network that focuses on multimedia: images and videos. This network is owned by Facebook and is almost as popular as Facebook. Instagram received millions of unique daily visitors, and millions of new images and videos are posted every day.

With Instagram, you can post pictures and videos, and you can tag them so that people can easily find them. You can also like someone else’s posts as well as comment on them. The more comments and likes your post receives, the greater the chances that it will go viral.

Instagram also allows you to follow other people and offers a “timeline” view of the latest posts from the people you follow. The more followers you get, the more exposure your posts will have.

Now, to drive traffic back to your CPA bid, using Instagram can take a while to get started, but once you’ve tapped into this marketplace, you can drive hundreds of dollars’ worth of conversions every day from Instagram alone.

To use this method, you must create a new Instagram account. Give your account a name that relates to the offer you are promoting. You also need a landing page / compressed page hosted on a custom domain; You MAY NOT link directly to a CPA offer or it will be banned.

Add a profile photo that relates to your niche, and then add a bio that relates to the offer you are promoting. And finally add a link to your compression page in the “Link to website” field while updating your profile.

Now you need to add only 1 new image / video per day to your Instagram account. You can find millions of images on the Internet related to your niche. Tag Your Image With Popular Tags – There are many different apps and websites that will provide you with the hottest and most popular tags. Then hit publish.

Once you’ve added your image, start following a couple of people in your niche. Also like some of his photos and comment on some of his posts. DO NOT spam – Be thoughtful and considerate, and find a good balance between posting new images / videos, following other people, liking others’ posts, and commenting on posts.

Keep doing this and soon you will start to accumulate followers and drive traffic to your compression page. Just keep in mind that this drives MOBILE TRAFFIC, so you need to make sure that both your compression page and the CPA offer you are promoting are optimized for mobile devices.

# 5 – use PPV advertising

The last strategy to get a lot of benefits with CPA marketing is to use PPV advertising. PPV advertising is a pay-per-view promotion, which means that you pay an amount based on the total number of views your ad receives.

This type of advertising works, you just need to find the right network. There are several different PPV networks you can use, and it will take a bit of trial and error before you are finally successful, but keep going and you will soon reach your first $ 100 a day!

PPV advertising can cost you as little as $ 0.01 per visitor, which is really cheap. Imagine being able to convert offers at $ 0.01 per visitor. That’s crazy!

The only downside to using PPV advertising is the fact that most PPV networks require a large amount to get started. Most PPV networks will only allow you to start with an amount of $ 50 +; This means that you must have some startup capital if you want to use PPV.

If you don’t have that much to spend right now, don’t worry. There is still an advantage in this!

I have shared with you 4 different strategies that you can use to drive traffic to your CPA offers without spending a lot of money. Most of them are completely free. This means that you can drive free targeted traffic to your compression pages and CPA links. So if you follow the first 4 strategies, implement them and stick to them, you will be able to increase your CPA earnings to the point where you have enough to invest in PPV advertising.

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