One of the best ways to create an erotic scene is with a naughty little talk in the ear of your partner or new partner. And as you may know as you prepare to come tonight, presentation is everything.

Find your sexy voice

Everyone knows what a sexy voice is, but do you know how to find yours?

Talking deeply is not enough, nor is it necessary to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. This part has to do with your attitude and your ability to relax in the moment.

Start with your breathing. Think about how you are breathing right now. Is it fast or slow? Your voice should move with this rhythm. With quick breaths, you want to break up your sentences, and with longer breaths, you can give more detail.

Talk like you are trying to whisper, but you are out of breath. Your voice may drop a bit when doing this.

Or you can just relax and speak a little more quietly for the same effect.

What I’m gonna say?

If you’ve never talked dirty, this will be an eye-opening experience. And you will feel a little strange at first, but that is normal.

Think about the things you love about the other person. Is it a particular body part? That’s cool, you can use that.

You can start with something like “I love you (any body part you choose)” at the beginning. This turns you on and everyone likes a compliment. This will also show the other person that you are going to talk a bit.

You are not answering a question, so try not to use the word “because”. You don’t have to give a reason, you just love something.

But you can tell what that particular body part is doing to your body. Slow down and lengthen the conversation. Start with “I love you (any part of the body).” Pause and then finish with: “Makes my (choose your favorite sex organ) hot / wet / choose your reaction.”

Tell them how they make you feel in explicit detail and observe their reaction.

You’re on your way to becoming a pro at dirty talk.

As a side note, some people like to use words that may be derogatory, but I would make sure the other person doesn’t mind before you try them.

Some will be very offended and that is not a good way to start a nice evening.

Get comfortable

The reason many people don’t talk dirty is because they think they sound silly and that’s not the case.

As with everything new, you just have to jump in and give it a try. Everyone has a first time for everything, and since you are in a safe environment, no one will laugh at you.

Saying anything related to sex in the heat of an already exciting moment will sound magical. You only need to spit it out a few times to feel comfortable saying it.

After a while, the dirty talk will come naturally and your current partner will love it.

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