Shiba Inu Was the Most Discussed

In October, Shiba Inu (SIBU) was the most talked about cryptocurrency. It garnered 22 percent of all crypto-related discussions on Twitter, more than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined. Its supporters have been using hashtags to rally support. Among those who have used them are Elon Musk, whose Tweets about SNIFU and the cryptocurrency have garnered attention. A new trend has emerged in the crypto world: meme coins. With a simple design and a unique concept, meme coins are popular, and the ones that people love are often the most talked about.

While Dogecoin and Ethereum were the most talked about Shiba Inu Coin cryptocurrencies in October, Shiba Inu has been making headlines of its own. Its newest project, Shibarium, will use non-fungible tokens, making it a popular alternative to Bitcoin. The currency will also accept SHIB as a payment option in various locations, including AMC Entertainment, Newegg Commerce, and more. Despite its recent rise, the SHIB is set for a rough ride in 2022. Moreover, it might end up being the most talked-about ultra-popular digital currency in 2022.

The rise in popularity is due to several factors, including the increased exposure. The cryptocurrency is becoming more visible, as more exchanges list it. It recently passed the psychologically significant 1 million-hodler mark, and its social media buzz outstripped that of Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to the increasing popularity of Shiba Inu, it is generating more social media buzz than any other cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu Was the Most Discussed Cryptocurrency in October

The cryptocurrency has seen a massive surge in popularity, and it has received a disproportionate share of Twitter’s media attention. The Shiba Inu Twitter account has over 1.9 million followers and is arguably the most discussed altcoin on the site. Even the Ethereum official twitter account has nearly 1.8 million followers. These numbers suggest that Shiba Inu may not be the world’s most popular digital currency.

Other popular crypto coins are Litecoin, Dogecoin, and NEO. During October, the Shiba Inu was the most popular of the five, with more than two million followers in total. This is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on Twitter. This coin is currently trading for US$0.000026, which is a substantial value in a month. The price of SHIB has dropped more than 40% from its recent high.

The popularity of cryptocurrency among young investors has been a major factor in the recent increase. Among female investors, Bitcoin is more popular than Shiba Inu, while female investors prefer Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are the top three most popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to these, it also generates more social media buzz than its competitors. This is not surprising given its popularity.

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