America has produced excellent racing cars, which are not too expensive. One such car is the Ford Mustang. It is an 8 cylinder car. The car hit the road in 1962 and immediately captured the imagination of enthusiasts. Despite this, the car is extremely popular. It’s a wonder why Ford didn’t introduce it to India earlier, but that gap is filled with its introduction to the Indian market. The car will initially be available in Mumbai.

The Mustang is named after a breed of racehorse and lives up to its name. The car comes only in two-door mode. It can also have a retractable roof. The car is launched at a price of Rs 75 lakhs in Bombay, which is not too expensive considering that the Porche and Ferrari can touch Rs 2 crore.

I have owned a Mustang in the UAE and it is a great car. He runs at 200 km per hour in no time and could do the Abu Dhabi-Dubai race in less than 2 hours. One advantage was the road. Similar roads may not be available in India, where the highway concept has not caught on.

The Ford Mustang is a 6 or 8 cylinder car with an engine that develops almost 400 BHP, however it is not frugal when it comes to gasoline consumption and it does, 5/6 km on a liter of gasoline. There is no diesel version, although around 5 variants of the gasoline model are available. In India only one model is launched.

The coupe comes in two versions with a hardtop and a softtop. The soft top version has a retractable canvas roof. It is a real pleasure to retract the roof and belt forward at 150 km per hour. The car has automatic climate control, as well as a six-speed automatic gearbox. I don’t know of a manual gearbox.

The Mustang lives up to its name and image as a rugged sports car. The only downside to the car are the 2 rear seats that can only be accessed by folding down the front seat. The seats are low and a bit difficult for older citizens. All said and done, the Mustang is an asset on Indian roads for Indian motor enthusiasts.

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