Looking for the most reliable used cars? Any vehicle can be reliable if you maintain it properly, but there are several specific vehicles that consumer reports consistently recognize and rate as very reliable. The vehicles below have the fewest mechanical repairs, breakdowns, and complaints.

Honda Accord: Accords are known as one of the most reliable used cars every year that they are made. The engine is reliable and built to last. This makes them one of the best-selling cars, both new and used.

Toyota Camry: The Camry is also one of the most reliable used cars ever made. Like the Accord, the engine is built to last and can last for many years without major problems.

Honda Civic: The Civic is known for having great fuel economy, but it also comes out on top for being a very reliable and dependable car.

Hyundai Elantra: The Elentra is known to have excellent build quality and reliability.

It is not uncommon to find any of the above used cars on the road with several hundred thousand miles, running smoothly. All that is needed to keep these most reliable used cars running is basic maintenance. Being reliable and popular, they hold their value quite well. These vehicles are typically found in most used car lots and dealer lots. They are also usually for sale privately. Another great way to find a low-cost, reliable used car is through auto auctions in your area.

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