You can have a successful business without using self-replicating websites; so if you’re thinking of using self-replicators, consider an alternative marketing system.

Self-replicating websites have the advantage of being low maintenance. Since the typical user does not have much of a web presence or the ability to create a website on their own, the user relies on the MLM host business to do the marketing for them. This creates homogenization and a lack of individuality, as the user is subject to the marketing and content controls of the parent company. An alternative Internet marketing system, such as a free lead system or a funded proposal, works just as well but allows the business entity individuality and uniqueness on the Web.

Gorilla Marketing Pro 2.0 allows you to create highly original lead generation pages VERY EASILY.

Gorilla Marketing Pro 2.0 is a free lead system, it is exactly what it is, it gives business leads for free. These potential customers are often small business owners. The funded proposal is a marketing system that allows the business owner to use these leads to promote their product or other affiliates are selling, and if the leads like what they see, they can ask for more information. If that request leads to an affiliate sale, the business owner makes money. This way, the small business is in charge of its own marketing, rather than using a self-replicating website as a corporate umbrella.

Using a free lead system in conjunction with a funded proposal can give a business owner enough residual income that they won’t regret not building a self-replicating website. Using these concepts will allow a small business owner to have their own unique footprint on the web and their own network of contacts. Like a self-replicating website, this internet marketing system is easy to set up, easy to maintain, and generates a great deal of income. However, business owners can sell their products the way they want instead of how someone else wants them to. Therefore, the degree of freedom and individuality that the system allows is invaluable to a small business owner.

This is exactly what we have with Gorilla Marketing Pro 2.0Most people who are serious about their business upgrade to the Platinum level, the training and resources are unlike anything I’ve seen before in my 21 years of marketing online.

GMP is also the best lead qualifier, it’s a system that can feel great to promote.

You are really helping people and you don’t expect anything in return, I personally call my people and help them define their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a TRUE Win Win…

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