If you are booking a self-catering chalet, Morzine has much to offer the holidaymaker seeking fun and relaxation. Naturally, it’s wonderfully skiable (it’s in the French Alps, after all), but there’s more to this charming village-style resort than meets the eye.

after ski

For some people, what they can do after they’re done on the slopes for the day is almost as important as the skiing itself. While you may find your accommodation very cozy and comfortable, you’ll probably also want to get out and enjoy a bit of nightlife beyond your chalet. Morzine has a reputation for being a very friendly and fun ski resort; unlike many, it is quite traditional and, to some extent, that influences its nightlife.

something for everyone

If you like a slightly quieter evening there are good restaurants, cafes and bars. Some are quite ‘cool’ in a laid-back way, though not exactly ‘chic’. The food is excellent and the prices range from very reasonable to a bit on the expensive side, but just as you’d expect anywhere from top restaurants.

If you like a little more lively action, there are two bars that have music and big screen TVs. The atmosphere is fun and a bit loud, at times bordering on the bustle. Both close around 2am, but there are two other clubs, L’Opera and Le Paradis, that stay open until around 5am (But remember, there’s a big difference in France between a bar and a club). They have music and dancing, although prices can be high for both tickets (around €12) and drinks once inside. The floor action in the clubs is good but rather ‘casual’. Most people tend to dress casual and you won’t see many designer brands or shirts/party dresses.

When you head out for a night away from your chalet, Morzine’s nightlife will appeal if you like a certain amount of quiet and perhaps a modest degree of choice.

If you prefer a slightly more riotous evening, moving from one cutting-edge dance venue to another, you may find things a bit bland. (Though it’s still fun and enjoyable!)

The resort has never had a reputation for being “out there” in terms of partying, and in fact has deliberately tried to avoid the worst of such excesses. It has always attracted families or couples rather than the 16-25 category of tourists. So, if you prefer a more relaxed and refined après-ski experience when spending a night out from your self-catering chalet, Morzine will fit the bill.

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