Electric cars are fun to drive and accelerate quickly from a standstill. This is because they have two speeds; occasionally. They are also nice because they are calm and peaceful; no noise pollution. How could this be a bad thing?

For safety reasons, quiet electric vehicles will now be required to make noise; to prevent accidents of other cars, bicycles and pedestrians. Electric car manufacturers are using this as a marketing tool telling you that you can choose the sound you want your car to make.

You can get the sound of Ferrari, Beethoven, the sound of a motorcycle, or even a whistle. Sounds will play at 60 watts with the speakers facing out. And it will be required by law so you will have to choose one when you buy the car. You can get the sound of the day by buying all seven if you pay for that extra feature. If you’re a street racing enthusiast, count on new safety features for you too; The auto service industry takes this seriously too; Some say that the best way to stay safe is to be bigger and others say that is the problem. Big cars need more energy and the bigger they are, the more damage they do when they hit something. Take a 6000 pound SUV, for example; I hate having T-shaped bones in a Honda car.

In case you are wondering why we study this, it is because 40,000 people a year lose their lives in traffic accidents. Are you worried about the Iraq conflict? This is 2000 times higher. Electric cars have not gone mainstream and many have been recalled, but diesel-gasoline or hydrogen hybrid electric cars appear to be a wave of the future. In 2004, automakers that sold hybrids took over companies that didn’t. High fuel price issues are driving earnings and demand for these cars.

Sure you could drive your electric car in the library without disturbing anyone, but chances are you will hit someone using the computer or looking for a book using the old Dewey Decimal System. A little noise in this case is a good thing. Think about it.

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