Blast Zone, a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial inflatable products, such as bounce houses, inflatable slide combos and inflatable water slides, has introduced its latest line of inflatables, the Bobble Bounce. As a premier manufacturer with quality and design at the forefront of every product, Blast Zone has surpassed itself with the Bobble series. Like all of their residential bounce houses and waterslides, they use a hybrid approach of mixing commercial grade materials in the manufacturing process. The end result provides end users of their inflatables with a commercial bounce floor and seams at a residential price.

What makes the Bobble series unique? Each inflatable is designed around a concept that ultimately becomes interactive. The initial release of this series is called Bounce Bot. The bounce bot takes the form of a futuristic robot with an oversized head above the entrance. On both side walls, children will be greeted by large robotic arms. This is where the interaction takes place. As the children bounce inside the inflatable bounce house, the robot’s arms begin to move back and forth. Kids love this!

For all Bobble Bounce Series inflatables, Blast Zone uses the same features:

  • Commercial Vinyl Bounce Floor
  • Commercial double stitching
  • X-Weave reinforced in stress areas
  • X-Weave Heavy Duty 420D and 500D Materials
  • Heavy duty safety net with velcro safety entry

The specific features of the Bobble Bot are as follows:


  • Inflated Dimensions with Arms: 14 ‘W x 12’ L x 10 ‘H
  • Inflated dimensions without arms: 10 ‘W x 12’ L x 10 ‘H
  • Bounce Floor Dimensions: 9 ‘W x 9’ L
  • Slide Dimensions: 3 ‘W x 3’ L
  • Stored dimensions: rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag


  • Gorilla number: 1-5 children
  • Maximum weight per user: 100 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

As always, Blast Zone seems to impress. They are not happy with the bounce house of the status quo and continue to push the designs. The Bobble Bounce series is an excellent complement to the Ultra series launched earlier this year.

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