Virginia Beach is a large, vibrant city in the historic state of Virginia. This city that played a pivotal role in the founding of the United States and also formed a central role in the Confederate States, is rich not only in history but also in culture. There are numerous individuals and families that continue to move here to settle and this is definitely creating demand for apartments, rental houses and townhomes in the city.

Generally, renting an apartment in Virginia Beach involves good credit, a solid rental history, and a track record as well. Unfortunately, there are many nice people who would like to rent a home in this city, but their record is plagued with less than perfect credit and other rental illnesses, such as a broken lease.

If this is you, the obvious question comes to mind; Is there an apartment in the city of Virginia Beach where you can be approved if you have bad credit or a broken lease? The question is yes, but you have to be tactful.

The name given to apartments that are willing to work with people with previous broken leases or credit defects is “second chance apartments in Virginia Beach” and sometimes these can be difficult to find simply because of their reluctance to advertise in the mainstream media. However, there are a few places one can start looking:

  • Lynnwood
  • Croatian beach
  • Lynnhaven
  • King’s Scholarship

Sometimes the difficulty in locating these types of apartments arises from the fact that few or none are dedicated to any type of advertising. Usually this is because working with people with bad credit is done on a case-by-case basis. The apartments also don’t want negative publicity that could lower their rates or cause existing tenants to refuse to renew their leases. If you are looking for a second-chance rental apartment within the Virginia Beach area, there are a few tactics you can employ. One is to look at an apartment locator. Sometimes these can be left blank as well, but it’s worth a try.

Another option is to use the Internet. Instead of spending money on gas driving from apartment to apartment, you may want to use a term like “broken rental apartments in Virginia Beach” on Google and see what comes up. It may not be an exact science, but this is a good starting point and can save you hours and money.

You can also network and ask. Friends, co-workers, family, and even neighbors can be an excellent source of information on where to rent if your credit is not what it should be or if your rental history is unsatisfactory.

However, a crucial point to keep in mind is that even if you actually do locate these types of rental properties within Virginia Beach, you must meet the minimum criteria they ask for. One is that you must be prepared to present proof of income. Others may also ask you to pass a background check

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