There are many posture problems that people acquire over the years that they may not even realize they have. These can cause pain, especially back pain, and when it comes to height, they can make us not only physically shorter, but also appear shorter. Some of the more common postural problems are discussed below.

1. Walking posture: it is easy to acquire bad habits, probably the most difficult to break, and also the one that is discussed, the least of the three main ones, the other two that are analyzed. Next. It is often assumed that proper sitting posture and, to a lesser extent, sleeping posture can be taught, while walking is something we do naturally and cannot be changed or criticized. Poor walking posture is quite common for this reason.

Getting to a point where you constantly walk with better posture can be difficult and could take weeks of conscious work. Keeping your back stiff and upright, your shoulders pushed back, and your head held high are methods that should be used to break such habits. Over time, new habits should take root and become second nature.

2. Sitting posture: As more and more people sit in front of a computer, both for work and pleasure, the problem of poor sitting posture has increased. The chair, keyboard and monitor should be placed in positions that force the user to sit up straight. LCD monitors are helpful in enforcing this, as they must be viewed at a constant angle to fully view them. If configured correctly, any clothing that feels bad should immediately make it difficult to see the entire screen, forcing the user to return to a better position.

3. Sleeping posture: This is also very common, and since you are naturally not aware of what you are doing or how you are sleeping, many people assume that there is no problem. As a general rule, sleeping on your back is best for maintaining a good sleeping position, and it is also advisable to do so with a limited amount of head support in the form of pillows. Those who sleep on their side should use a pillow between their legs, which can prevent them from curling and twisting their back in awkward positions.

4. Arching the legs and hitting the knees: fairly common conditions that can be detrimental to posture and can also cause self-esteem issues, especially in young children. These conditions can be broken with special insoles or footwear that compensate for the unbalanced weight distribution that is causing the problem.

5. Scoliosis: the most serious of the aforementioned conditions and one that will almost certainly require the help of a medical professional in one form or another. Scoliosis causes a severe curvature of the spine, resulting in a great loss of height and other ailments. Surgery may be required in advanced cases of this condition.

By improving posture, you can see a gradual improvement in your height, as well as giving others the appearance of being more professional. Breaking old habits can be difficult, but once accomplished, it will make it much more difficult to return to old habits.

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